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ATOM Mobility customers
    From scooters to bikes, cars, mopeds, boats, and even forklifts - we’ve worked with almost any vehicle type
    From South Korea to the USA, from Saudi Arabia to Norway - we have worked with companies from over 40 countries
    From just 3 vehicles to 5 000 vehicles - we’ve supported projects on any fleet size

The story of Qick

ATOM Mobility helped Qick to integrate Segway Max and Acton scooters and launch the platform in record time - 3 days! This is how Qick became the first sharing operator in the city.


Zelectra - 2,500 rides on 250 scooters in 1 day

“During the best day of the season, 2,500 rides were taken on 250 scooters. And this is what we are really proud of, because it is not easy to always find our scooters, but people were apparently looking for them.” - Eugine, co-founder of Zelectra

GoGreenCity mopeds

Why Go Green City chooses ATOM Mobility

Go Green City quickly landed with ATOM Mobility as it met Jose's criteria – professional, responsive, and not too big. The two companies have been working together ever since, with a shared outlook toward the future

Vift digital taxi platform

Vift digitalized taxi business with the support of ATOM Mobility

“Using ATOM Mobility's platform, we were able to open up our taxi business to an entirely different target market – younger people. We've been able to offer a more simplified booking process to continue offering quality service to our customers" - Jamal, Founder and CEO of Vift

State of art technology in mobile apps and dashboard, very good SLA!

Piotr B.

We used to work with a different service provider which wasn't fitting our needs. Switching to ATOM was an improvement on our side.

Bas V.


RIDE: No 1 app in the country

RIDE – electric bikes that look like e-mopeds. The service was launched right after the Covid-19 restrictions were eased. Started with a great launch event and became the most downloaded app in the country.


Wheelz: launching car-sharing in Ghana

“Upon our initial interaction with ATOM Mobility, we were immediately drawn to their interface and impressed by the quality of their customer service.”


tretty: fleet of muscle-powered vehicles

Tretty team decided to change the software provider and chose ATOM Mobility. Now with a new app, they are getting a significant amount of new users as the registration is a lot faster. 


GOON: Focusing on tourists in Zarasai

Is ATOM platform suitable for hotels that plan to operate a small fleet of scooter or bikes as an additional service? Sure, it is even possible to get 20% of the small town population to become users of your platform. 

Best dashboard ever!

Paolo F.

Powerful tech, simple to use, nice UX, complete features. Everything you need to start a sharing fleet company.

Geoffrey T.

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