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We help entrepreneurs to launch and scale their vehicle-sharing businesses. ATOM Academy provides access to best practices, insights and interviews with industry experts to help you grow.

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Welcome to Academy

Hear from ATOM Academy manager - Jürgen.

Meet with industry experts


Polina Mikhaylova

Co-founder of KNOT
docking for scooters

Since 2016 Knot designs, produces and installs docking stations for scooter services. Their mission is to provide sustainable and accessible sharing and charging infrastructure for micromobility services. 


Jürgen Sahtel

Partnerhips at ATOM Mobility
technology for shared mobility

ATOM Mobility provides software to shared mobility operators across 70+ cities. Jürgen leads new initiatives at ATOM and is also experienced entrepreneur himself.


Sébastien Marteau

Business development at Fluctuo
mobility intelligence

Fluctuo aggregates more than 200 shared-mobility fleets and provides insights into a target city's shared mobility metrics and trends allowing operators to prepare successful launches.


Aleks Koha

CEO and Founder of Promoty
influencer marketing

Promoty is a platform that brings together marketers and Instagram content creators: both big influencers with tens of thousands of followers as well as micro-influencers with strong niche and engaged followership.


Edgars Jakobsons

CEO and Founder of RIDE
e-moped sharing

RIDE is one of the largest shared mobility operators in Baltics. They offer sustainable mobility solutions in Riga and nearby areas while being ready to claim new markets shortly. 


Thibault Castagne

CEO and Co-founder of Vianova
mobility intelligence

Vianova uses connected vehicles data to help cities and mobility operators build more efficient and sustainable transport systems for people and goods.


Kārlis Peterhofs

Account Executive at ATOM Mobility
technology for shared mobility

An expert in sharing software. Karlis knows ATOM software inside out and will shed a light on advanced functionality our operators can benefit from.


Akim Arhipov

Partner at VNTRS
VC fund for startups

Akim is a serial tech entrepreneur and an investor with a mobility background. Among many other successes, Akim has also been featured in Forbes 30 under 30.


Tim Vaino

Dealflow manager at VNTRS
VC fund for startups

VNTRS provides startups with the right type of competence within tech, growth, design, and business development at the right time. Tim speaks with 80+ startups on a monthly basis to help them with raising funds.


Dārta Sīpola

Account Executive at ATOM Mobility
technology for shared mobility

Dārta speaks with new mobility entrepreneurs on a daily basis and helps them to navigate the landscape and introduces the sharing software.


Liene Brokane

Customer Success Manager
technology for shared mobility

Liene is providing ongoing customer support and onboarding all the new customers at ATOM Mobility. She is responsible for organizing, implementing, and improving processes around customer support.

Core topics of the program


Business validation

Helping operators to understand the market possibilities: City requirements, analysis of the market, differentiation, decision on the vehicle types and go to market strategy.


Choosing the hardware

Overview of vehicles, IoT’s, docks, and locks. Recommendations, fleet size, costs involved, an overview of shipping times.


Financial planning

Explaining how to budget and forecast the revenue and profits, while taking into account possible expenses. This unit will help operators to understand the real numbers of running the business.


Getting funding

Quick overview of different sources of capital to start and grow the business - self-funded, grants, bank loans, angels, venture capital, crowdfunding.



Understanding the city’s requirements for the insurance and how entrepreneurs should choose the policy to protect themselves and their users.


Intro to the software

An overview of ATOM Mobility’s dashboard to get an overall understanding of the core functionalities and what’s where.


Preparing a successful launch

Interview with one of ATOM customer to give tips and tricks on what to keep in mind when preparing launch in new city.


A day with the operations team

How to choose a warehouse, how it looks, how charging and maintenance are organised.


Customer support & engagement

An overview and best practices on how to support the customers automatically (push notifications, email sequences) and manually (customer service, responding to app reviews).


New business opportunities

Launching subscriptions, forming partnerships with hotels, offering private fleets to corporations, partnering with delivery services and other opportunities.


Core metrics to focus on

The industry average metrics on the vital KPIs of sharing business. to compare numbers and take action where needed.

Join community of shared mobility entrepreneurs!

There is no better way to learn than from those who have been there and done it. ATOM Academy provides you with access to the knowledge and experience of industry veterans around the world. Learn how to start and scale your own business. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • Whom it is designed for?

    ATOM Academy is created for everybody who is either planning to, or already operates a vehicle-sharing business. Whether you're an entrepreneur or a mobility lead in a municipality, you will find all the info necessary to start, run, and scale your shared vehicle operations in a most effective manner.

  • How long it will take?

    Academy units can be consumed in a self-pace method, however, in order to monitor, guide, and be available for all our students, a specific timeframe will be assigned for each student to pass the course.

  • What is the process?

    Fill out the form above and we will get in touch with you to schedule a call that helps to set the right expectations for the course. Each student will have 3 consulting calls additionally to the materials available in the course. These 3 calls will be strategically scheduled to provide even more value and clarity once certain milestones of the course are passed by students.

  • Is it free?

    ATOM Academy is absolutely FREE for all our customers. If you are not an ATOM Mobility customer, you can still access the course for a small fee that would later be deducted from the software cost should you decide to become our customer. Please fill out the form above to get in touch with our team regarding access to the course. 

  • How can I join?

    To join the course, simply fill out the form above and we will schedule the call with you to provide the next steps and access to the academy.