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All the technology you need to launch and scale your own sharing and rental business. Whether it is kick scooter sharing, scooter, bike, moped or car sharing.

All-in-one solution for shared mobility

ATOM empowers entrepreneurs to launch their own vehicle sharing and rental platforms. Our platform relieves all the technological headache. It reduces barriers to launch operations in even the smallest cities. Our customers are entrepreneurs, who understand the local market needs better than anybody. We help them to focus on marketing and operations and we take care of the technology.

Fast to market
Proven technology
Low-cost solution
Scale easily

Software customized for your needs

Branded mobile apps for your riders (iOS, Android). A powerful panel to manage vehicles, customers and follow the stats. Apps for your maintenance team. All customized for your brand.


Multi-vehicle integrations

We support integrations with industry-leading vehicles ready for shared mobility (kick scooters, scooters, bikes, mopeds, cars and more). All branded for your company.


Proven technology that scales

Scale easily from 10 vehicles to 10,000 vehicles, from one to ten countries, from one to 50 languages, from one vehicle type to multi-vehicles. We’ve got you covered.

Mobile apps for riders

The fastest way to launchGet your ready-to-launch customized and branded vehicle sharing app in 20 days.

Customize 30+ parameters Your city, your fleet, your language, your logo, your colours, your pricing, your rules and more.

Multi-vehicleAdd different types of vehicles in the same app easily. Started with scooters, but want to add cars? No problem!

Beautiful UI & High conversionsWe tailor every screen so the app looks and works great. As a result, we maintain a very high 35%-75% conversion rate to the first payment.

Vehicle sharing apps for ios and android

Powerful dashboard

Manage your fleet, customers, team and settings in one place easily

ATOM Mobility Dashboard

We are constantly innovating new features to help you deliver greater value to riders. Starting from demand prediction heat maps to smart task distribution.

  • Real-time tracking and control of your fleet 
  • Heat map and analytics to help you reach demand
  • Secure access with different roles & limitations for your team

Apps for operations team

Easy in app navigation & routingHelp your team easily find vehicles that need charging, fuelling or maintenance.

Problem reportingVehicle health is important, so let your team report any problems with vehicles in few clicks.

Bulk vehicle editSave time with a bulk update feature which allows you to change the status and edit selected vehicles in 1 click.

Smart task distribution engineATOM algorithms analyse rider patterns, history, weather forecasts and fleet health to predict where and how many vehicles you have to place to maximise revenue.

Operators and chargers app by ATOM Mobility

Vehicles & IoT

supported vehicle types

Multi-vehicle support

You already own a fleet or plan to purchase one? We’ll help you to integrate any vehicle type to ATOM platform. It may be kick scooter, scooters, bikes, motorcycles, one-wheelers, cars or even something else.

We work with different vehicle manufacturers and IoT providers to fulfil your needs and constantly add new integrations. Among the partners, we already work with are:

ATOM Mobility partners and integrations

One SUPERAPP. Many possibilities

Expand to new business verticals easily: Micromobility, Ride-hailing and Digital rental - all in 1 platform

Superapp by ATOM

Customer storiesConnecting thousands of vehicles across 140+ cities worldwide

Qick scooters

The story of Qick

Sweden, operates in 6 cities

ATOM Mobility helped Qick to integrate Segway Max and Acton scooters and launch the platform in record time - 3 days! This is how Qick became the first sharing operator in the city.

Ride ebikes

RIDE: No 1 app in the country

Latvia, Riga

RIDE – electric bikes that looks like e-mopeds. The service was launched right after the Covid-19 restrictions were eased with a great launch event and the title of the most downloaded app in the country.

Muscle-powered kick-scooters and bikes in Germany

tretty: fleet of muscle-powered vehicles

Germany, Münster

tretty team decided to change the software provider and chose ATOM Mobility. Now with a new app, they are getting a significant amount of new users as the registration is a lot faster. 

E-scooters near the lake

Zelectra - 2,500 rides on 250 scooters in 1 day

Ukraine, Kyiv

“During the best day of the season, 2,500 rides were taken on 250 scooters. And this is what we are really proud of, because it is not easy to always find our scooters, but people were apparently looking for them.” - Eugine, co-founder of Zelectra

E-scooters near the lake

Go Green City: Flexibility and agility are our advantages


Go Green City quickly landed with ATOM Mobility as it met Jose's criteria – professional, responsive, and not too big. The two companies have been working together ever since, with a shared outlook toward the future.

E-scooters near the lake

GOON: Focusing on tourists

Lithuania, Zarasai

Is ATOM platform suitable for hotels that plan to operate a small fleet of scooter or bikes as an additional service? Sure, it is even possible to get 20% of the small town population to become users of your platform. 

CATCH X app in Saudi

CATCH X: first in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

CATCH X is a unique brand with the vision to bring a sharing economy to Saudi Arabia. ATOM Mobility worked with the team to adapt product for Saudi Arabian market.

Taxi platform for Vift

Vift digitalized its taxi business

Sweden, Örebro

“Using ATOM Mobility's platform, we were able to open up our taxi business to an entirely different target market – younger people. We've been able to offer a more simplified booking process to continue offering quality service to our customers...”

E-scooters near the lake

Our own test fleet

Latvia, Riga

RideAtom is the first kick-scooter sharing operator in Baltic's and has been profitable from the first day of operations. We use our own test fleet to improve technology and know the operations inside out.

Customer map

More than 100 projects launched

Entrepreneurs in more than 140 cities operate their companies on ATOM Mobility platform.

"State of art technology in mobile apps and dashboard, very good SLA!"

Piotr B.

"Easy, nice looking, continuously updated and developed every month and most of all very reliable with a extreme high uptime"

Andreas Z.

"We used to work with a different service provider which wasn't fitting our needs. Switching to ATOM was an improvement on our side"

Bas V.

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Launch your vehicle sharing business in 20 days!

Scooter sharing white label app by ATOM Mobility
Dashboard for fleet of shared vehicles powered by ATOM

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